Today, we remember them

Today we remember family members that fell victim or suffered. They may have taken away our family in horrible, horrible ways but they can never take away our thoughts of remeberance. I never knew these family members, I am too young. May be my Nan did but she never spoke of them, may be it was too hard for her. I know these people now through my research and they will not be forgotten. Emma.


Birthday remembrances for Leonora Teiger


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Birthday remebrances today for Leonora Teiger, daughter of William Teiger and Dora Reinlieb, who was born this day, New Years Day, in New York in 1928 at the height of the Prohibition era in America. She passed in Jan 2008 in Long Beach, California. The 1930's American Census shows a young Leornora living with her parents in the Bronx area of New York probably in a tenament building in very cramped conditions. Other people listed on the same page who would have been their neighbours show the area was highly concentrated in immigrants mainly of Russian or a polish origin, forming their own communities and sticking together. They also had a visitor from the UK staying with them, Leonora's Uncle, Moses Meyer Teiger, known as Philip.

Leonora married Sol Fields (Finkstein) in 1947 and didn't she make for a beautiful bride on her wedding day, in fact they both look rather fine!

Happy Brithday Leonora.


The Spanish flu pandemic and Annie Ison


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So I read somewhere that yesterday, 11th March, was officially the start of the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918. Other articles I read seem to say in started in January 1918. Either way it had a devastating effect across the world with millions of people dying from it’s quickly spreading nature, Annie Ison was one of those millions.

Annie Ison was born in London, England in 1882 the daughter of James and Alison Ison.

In the 1901 census I found Annie living in the heart of London, 26 Morton Road, Islington, with her extensive family. Her father James was a dustman. What a job that must have been at this time.

Annie Ison 1901 census

Annie Ison 1901 census

In 1906 she married Joseph Teiger in Birmingham, England and the 1911 census shows them living at the well known Teiger address of Gooch Street with their two young sons Sidney and Louis.

Annie Ison 1911 census

Annie Ison 1911 census

Sidney W Teiger 1907-1975

Sidney W Teiger 1907-1975

Sadly Annie died in the December of 1918 after contracting the Spanish Flu virus. She was only 36 and left a devastated husband with two young sons to raise.

I am surprised not to have come across more family members dying from this virus considering it’s world wide devastation.

English: Historical photo of the 1918 Spanish ...

English: Historical photo of the 1918 Spanish influenza ward at Camp Funston, Kansas, showing the many patients ill with the flu (: Original source description) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: The Spanish Influenza. Chart showing ...

English: The Spanish Influenza. Chart showing mortality from the 1918 influenza pandemic in the US and Europe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Birthday remembrances for Stanislaw Tygier


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Birthday remebrances today for Stanislaw, son of Jan Tygier and Barbara Najman, who was born this day in Poland in 1913. He passed away in Harrow, London in 1983. He experienced such a lot through out his life and I can only hope that the good times eventually outweighed the bad. Happy Birthday Stanislaw.

Birthday Remembrances for Irene Tigier


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Irene Tigier

Birthday remembrances today for Irene Tigier born this day 1910 in Piotrków Trybunalski, Lodzkie, Poland. Irene’s parents were Jan Tygier and Barbara Najman and she was the sister of Stanislaw Tygier.

As you can see her surname is spelt in a different way. Was this a clerical error? Was it an attempt to conceal her true identity? We’ll have to wait and see!

1940’s Dora


, , , , , , , , have recently released a major new collection of documents that relate to New York Naturalisation Records from 1897-1944. If you have relatives that went to the US to “chase the American dream”, this is an exciting development.

Needless to say, I have started to search through the collection for any new records in relation to our Teigers that moved to live in America.

My first new find was paperwork for Dora Teiger, nee Reinlieb. Dora married William Teiger in 1926 and although I have posted her wedding photo before, it really is a beautiful photo, so I am posting it again!

Dora Reinlieb on her wedding day 1926

On Dora’s “Declaration of Intention” form we see an updated photo of her which I assume was taken in 1940 as this is when the form is dated. She still looks as beautiful as she did on her wedding day!

Dora Teiger abt. 1940

The Declaration form was completed in March 1940 and it gives us a wealth of information about Dora and the rest of her family. It’s even got her signature on it!

Declaration of Intention form for Dora Teiger 25.03.1940.
(curtsey of the website)

We learn that the family home address is 710 Fairmont Place, Bronx, New York. A quick search on the old trusted Google Maps shows this area now consists of fairly modern “replacement” buildings.

Her physical description is shown as: 38 years old. Complexion: dark, eyes: brown, hair: black, height: 5’6″, weight: 180 pounds and no distinctive marks.

Other information given:

  • Race – Hebrew
  • Nationality – Russian
  • Born – Gomel, Russia 21.03.1902
  • Marital status – married
  • Husband’s details – William, married 31.10.1926 in New York.
  • Husband’s details – born in Liverpool 04.05.1900 and entered the Unites States at New York 02.08.1923.
  • Children – two, Leonora born 01.01.1928 in New York and Jack born 25.06.1931 in New York.
  • Emigrated to the United States from Libau, Russia under the name of Dwasje Reinlieb on 16.09.1912.

Two years later she signed her “Petition for Naturalisation” and the family are now living at 804 East 178th Street, New York. The rest of the information remains the same although it is a little clearer to read than the earlier form!

Dora Teiger Petition for Naturalisation

Birthday Remembrances for Greta Teiger


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A belated birthday remembrance for Greta Annie Teiger. Greta was born 4th September 1922 in West Bromwich. Her father was Martin Teiger who was an uncle to my nan, Dorris Ada Teiger and her mother was Annie Flavell.

All I know at present about Greta has been gleaned from the Electoral Roll.

In 1945 she was living at 39 Albert Road in the Handsworth division with her twice widowed mother, now Annie James. Annie had remarried after Martin’s early death in 1928. Sadly Annie’s second husband, William John James, had also died by this time having passed away in 1941.


A fairly typical Victorian terrace of houses.

Albert Road, Handsworth from Google Street View


In September 1946 Greta marries Leslie Ballard and the Electoral Registers from 1947 through to 1955 show they both resided at 421 Reddings Lane, Sparkbrook which appears from the electoral records to be the home of Leslie’s parents, Timothy Spencer Ballard and Ada Rollinson.

If anyone has any photos of Greta or her family I would be pleased to receive them!

Pssst….there’s more!


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This is Harry Teiger, or Herschel Teiger, born in July 1903 to Jacob Solomon and Deborah Leah, the Liverpool branch.  A slight “cheeky” grin there! He passed away in 1976 in Liverpool.

Harry (Herschel) Teiger

A nice picture of Miriam Teiger known throughout her life as Hettie.

Miriam (Hettie) Teiger

I love this photo that Joe in New York has sent of his mother and as he says “my mom as a Flapper?”. It truly is a wonderful period photograph.

Hetty Teiger nee Cohen

A nice photo from Joe of his mother Hetty holding her young son Mark:

More to follow!