Birthday Remembrances for Alan Harvey Teeger

So today would have been Alan’s birthday. He was born 23rd August 1937 in New York, the son of Samuel Isaac Teiger and Lillian (surname as yet unknown). Samuel was the son of Jacob Sol Teiger who settled in Liverpool and Samuel started to use the Teeger version of the surname upon his arrival in America in 1924.

The only document I have yet found relating to Alan is his father’s Naturalisation Petition where he is listed as Samuels’s son.


Alan died 5th March 1990 in Dade County, Florida. He was 52.


More photos……


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This is a beautiful photo sent to me by Ian of what I am assuming is Dora Reinlieb. Dora married William Teiger in New York on 31st October 1926 and this is a photo, taken in 1926, of a bride on her wedding day, called Dora!

Dora Reinlieb born 1902 Gomel, Russia

Now a lovely photo sent by Steven Teiger that shows a handsome younger self sitting with his grandmother Hetty Teiger nee Cohen. Hetty was the wife of Sidney Wollf Teiger (name spellings as they were on the register).

Hetty and Steven

This photo sent by Ian shows Leonora Teiger and Sol Fields (Finkelstein) on their wedding day in 1947. Leonora, daughter of William Teiger and Dora Reinlieb, was quiet young at 19 years old on her wedding day.

Leonora and Sol on their wedding day.

Hello Jack Teiger, brother of Leonora. Jack was born in New York 25th June 1931 and he passed away on 28th May 1990 in Los Angeles.

Jack Teiger

And finally a lovely group photo sent by Steven.

The Teiger family

Back Row: Charles Joseph Teiger (Joe), Mark Teiger, Eve Teiger nee. Bharier, Anthony Teiger (Tony).
Front Row: Hetty Teiger nee. Cohen, Steven Teiger, Sidney Wollf Teiger
c. 1957-8?

Some new family photos to share


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Ian Teiger in The Wirral has very kindly ventured into his loft and retrieved a whole host of treasures that I intend to share with you all as and when they come through to me. It may be that you have the same photos/documents in your collection or  may be they will be new to you and never seen before.

Deborah Leah

Deborah was Ian’s grandmother and was the wife of Jacob Sol Teiger who settled in Liverpool. There now seems to be a little confusion over her maiden name. The marriage record for Jacob and Deborah states that it was Samuels. The birth certificate for their daughter Miriam implies it to have been Goldberg. Another mystery to solve then!

Deborah Leah and her children

Ian thinks this may have been taken just after the death of Jacob in 1920. From left to right we have:

  1. Miriam Yochshed Teiger 1907 – 1987. Was known as Hetty.
  2. Philip (Fishel) Moses Meyer Teiger 1909 – 1981.
  3. Esther Hudes Teiger 1897 – ? (mental note – ask Ian). Known as Harriet.
  4. Deborah Leah
  5. Rebecca Rosie Teiger 1905 – 1980. Was known as Rose.

Adolph Teiger?

A possible photo of Adolph Max Teiger b.1880. The photo has Adolph Zendel written on the back and is clearly taken in America. Adolph went to America and used the surname of Taylor. Could he also have used a version of his mother’s maiden name of Sendel? Mystery number two to investigate!

Jospeh and Fay Teiger

First time I’ve seen a photo of Fay (Fanny) Kleiff, Joesph’s second wife. His first wife Annie Ison passed away in 1918 as a result of the flu epidemic.

Top left – Joseph and Fay Teiger

Top right – A friend of Hetty, Miriam (Hetty), Fay Teiger nee Kleiff

Bottom left – Now we have a photo that is a mystery but could possibly be Amelia Teiger. The lady quite clearly has Teiger features and looks very much like Joseph. If you recognise this person please let me know!

Bottom right – Fay and our mystery lady again.

So Nan’s Cousin married Sam Goldwyn’s Niece


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What, the Sam Goldwyn, movie mogul? Well……………….yes!

Nan’s cousin was Stanislaw Tygier.

Stanley (Stanislaw) Tygier 1913 - 1983


He met and married Paulina (Pola) Lebensold.

Paulina (Pola) Lebensold 1916 – 2003

Paulina’s mother was Manya Gelbfisz.

Manya Gelbfisz 1884-1940

Her brother was Shmuel Gelbfisz aka Samuel Goldwyn.

Samuel Goldwyn 1879 – 1974

Birthday remembrences for Louis Teiger


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So today would have been Louis’s birthday. He was born 8th August 1908 in Birmingham, the son of Joseph Teiger and Annie Ison.

Louis Teiger 1908 – 1981

In the 1911 census we find him living at 82 Gooch Street, Birmingham with his parents and his brother Sidney. Quite a “cosmopolitan” family with Joseph his father being born in Poland, Annie his mother born in London, Sidney his brother was born in Wales whilst Louis was born in Birmingham.

© Crown Copyright Images reproduced by courtesy of The National Archives, London, England.

Louis married Blanch Edwards in June 1935 and at this time he is already living in London and can be picked up in the Electoral Rolls 1934-1939. They had a daughter  Julie in 1937.

He appeared in a newspaper story in 1947 after he was involved in a traffic accident, unfortunately with a policeman on his motorcycle! His occupation was reported as “traveller”. The case was dismissed.

Louis passed away in March 1981 and was buried 22nd March 1981 at Bushey Jewish Cemetery, Little Bushey Lane, Bushey, Herts WD23 3TP. (Section 26, Row 18, Plot 712) next to his wife Blanch.



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On arriving in England in 1944, Stanislaw was transferred to the Polish military hospital, Auchmore House in Killin, Perthshire.

Auchmore House (postcard/photo from

Old Photograph Auchmore House Scotland

I never knew before now that there was such an extensive system of hospitals, resettlement camps and help existed for Polish soldiers to resettle in the UK all made available through the Polish Resettlement Corps. Nor that the The Polish Resettlement Act 1947 existed and “was the first ever mass immigration legislation of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It offered British citizenship to over 200,000 displaced Polish troops on British soil who had fought against Nazi Germany and opposed the Soviet takeover of their homeland. The act also supplied a labour force to the demands of war-torn Britain” (Wikipedia). It’s amazing what you learn through tracing your family.

Whilst in hospital in Scotland, Stanislaw started to search for his Grandmother and her children, his Aunts and Uncles, that had travelled to England in or around 1900. They were Minnie Teiger and her children Adolf, Amelia, Joseph, Michael, Bennett and Martin. I’ll share more information in my next post as I have been sent some wonderful letters that Stanislaw sent to his family during this time.

There is a website at that contains photographs of the 2nd Polish Corps during their battle at Monte Cassino in Italy, where Stanislaw was injured. Nothing brings history to life better than pictures and these photos give you a real sense of what all these soldiers went through and suffered during this battle.

Polish soldiers during the Battle of Monte Cassino (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are also several videos relating to the 2nd Polish Corps at Monte Cassino on YouTube.

Stanislaw’s naturalisation document shows that, after being wounded in August 1944, he was evacuated from Italy on the hospital ship Empire Clyde which brought him to England on the 9th December 1944.

First page of Stanislaw’s Naturalisation document

RFA MAINE (4) 1948-1954 Hospital Ship.
Built 1925 as Leonardo da Vinci. Captured Massawa 1941. Converted to Army Hospital Ship Empire Clyde. Transferred to Admiralty 1945 and RFA 1948. Scrapped 1954. (photo from

Stanislaw settled in the London area and remained there until he passed away in 1983.

Jan (John) Tygier and his wife Basia (Barbara) Najman


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Kindly forwarded by Jonathan Tygier are the below photographs of his Grandparents, John Tygier and Barbara Najman.

John (Jan) Tygier 1883-1930

John was one of the three children that did not come to the UK with his mother, Minnie, and six of his brothers and sisters. The other two children that stayed behind where a sister Gustawa (Gertrude) and a brother Herman.

Below is some form of ID pass for Jan (Ksiazeczka Wojskowa = Book Military)

Jan Tygier ID document

  • Birth date (Urodz dn) : 15/03/1883
  • Birth place : Lodz
  • Native language (Jezyk macierzysty) : Polish
  • Parent’s names (Imiona rodziców) : Looks to me like Stanislaw (we know as Sydney Woolf) and Minnie.
  • Their place of residence (miejsce ich zamieszk) : England
  • Family status (Sian rodzinny) : Married (Zonaty)
  • Marriage date (Daty slubu) : Looks like 30/01/1904
  • Wife’s name (Imie) : Barbara Najman
  • Dzieci is children so it shows their births in 1911 (Irene) and 1913 (Stanislaw)

Barbara Tygier nee Najman

Barbara (Basia) Najman 1886-1936

Both Jan and Barbara are buried in the cemetery at Lodz.

Jan (John) Tygier headstone

Barbara Tygier headstone

The records for their burials can be found on the JewishGen website.

Irene Tigier – another new relative and another surname spelling


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Contact made with Jonathan Tygier who is living in London and is an architect. His father was Stanislaw Tygier, one of the last family members to make it to the UK.

Jonathan confirms that his father had a sister, Irene, who escaped from the Lodz Ghetto after her husband, a doctor, was killed by the German soldiers when his resistance work was discovered.

Meet Irene:

Irene Tigier’s ID pass from 1943

With a little help from Google Translate to assist with my patchy German, some of the details are as follows:

  • Birth Date (Geburstag): 10.10.1910
  • Birth Place (Geburtsort): Piotrkow Trybunalski “According to Russian census of 1897, out of the total population of 30,800, Jews constituted 9,500 (around 31% percent).” (Wikipedia).
  • Address (Wohnort) – not yet located
  • Profession (Beruf): It appears to state something like “cook”
  • Nationality (Volkstumszugeh): Pole
  • “Creed” (Glaybensbek): Not sure
  • Prospective State (Staatsangeh) on the 01.09.39: Poland?
  • Height (Grösse)
  • Form (Gestalt): Strong, Hefty or even Robust
  • Complection (Gesicht): Hmmm lots of translated options – rich, plump, mellow……
  • Hair (Haar): Blonde
  • Eyes (Augen): Brown
  • Special Marks (Besondere Kennzeichen): None
  • Signature of the card holder (Unterschrift des Ausweisinhabers)

Krzemienica” as a place in Poland seems to have four options so I am not sure which one is correct but I assume that Irene was in one of them on 12.04.1943.

A “very frighten lady” who made it out of Poland and lived in Paris.