This blog aims to keep family around the world updated on recent new discoveries in the history of the Teiger/Tygier family. It will also bring to life and tell the story of family members along the way. Where will it take us……who knows!

You know how there are some family stories that get passed down through the generations and they may get a bit exaggerated here and there? Well this line of family research was started based on one such story – “Did our ancestor really walk her children all the way across Europe, from Lodz in Poland, to the UK just to escape the Russians?”.

Whilst the actual “walking” element of this story has yet to be proved, the rest seems to be ringing true.

Follow this blog, along with our family members all round the world, to find out what we discover next.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for your like on Strangers in a Box. You have done a commendable job with your family history site and have given me several ideas for my future one. See what you think about my next post, Scanning my life…away? Thank you again!

    • I love the evocative photo of the footsteps up the sand dune. A moment in time to be washed away by the wind. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to look and comment..

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