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Ancestry.co.uk have recently released a major new collection of documents that relate to New York Naturalisation Records from 1897-1944. If you have relatives that went to the US to “chase the American dream”, this is an exciting development.

Needless to say, I have started to search through the collection for any new records in relation to our Teigers that moved to live in America.

My first new find was paperwork for Dora Teiger, nee Reinlieb. Dora married William Teiger in 1926 and although I have posted her wedding photo before, it really is a beautiful photo, so I am posting it again!

Dora Reinlieb on her wedding day 1926

On Dora’s “Declaration of Intention” form we see an updated photo of her which I assume was taken in 1940 as this is when the form is dated. She still looks as beautiful as she did on her wedding day!

Dora Teiger abt. 1940

The Declaration form was completed in March 1940 and it gives us a wealth of information about Dora and the rest of her family. It’s even got her signature on it!

Declaration of Intention form for Dora Teiger 25.03.1940.
(curtsey of the Ancestry.co.uk website)

We learn that the family home address is 710 Fairmont Place, Bronx, New York. A quick search on the old trusted Google Maps shows this area now consists of fairly modern “replacement” buildings.

Her physical description is shown as: 38 years old. Complexion: dark, eyes: brown, hair: black, height: 5’6″, weight: 180 pounds and no distinctive marks.

Other information given:

  • Race – Hebrew
  • Nationality – Russian
  • Born – Gomel, Russia 21.03.1902
  • Marital status – married
  • Husband’s details – William, married 31.10.1926 in New York.
  • Husband’s details – born in Liverpool 04.05.1900 and entered the Unites States at New York 02.08.1923.
  • Children – two, Leonora born 01.01.1928 in New York and Jack born 25.06.1931 in New York.
  • Emigrated to the United States from Libau, Russia under the name of Dwasje Reinlieb on 16.09.1912.

Two years later she signed her “Petition for Naturalisation” and the family are now living at 804 East 178th Street, New York. The rest of the information remains the same although it is a little clearer to read than the earlier form!

Dora Teiger Petition for Naturalisation