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Ian Teiger in The Wirral has very kindly ventured into his loft and retrieved a whole host of treasures that I intend to share with you all as and when they come through to me. It may be that you have the same photos/documents in your collection or  may be they will be new to you and never seen before.

Deborah Leah

Deborah was Ian’s grandmother and was the wife of Jacob Sol Teiger who settled in Liverpool. There now seems to be a little confusion over her maiden name. The marriage record for Jacob and Deborah states that it was Samuels. The birth certificate for their daughter Miriam implies it to have been Goldberg. Another mystery to solve then!

Deborah Leah and her children

Ian thinks this may have been taken just after the death of Jacob in 1920. From left to right we have:

  1. Miriam Yochshed Teiger 1907 – 1987. Was known as Hetty.
  2. Philip (Fishel) Moses Meyer Teiger 1909 – 1981.
  3. Esther Hudes Teiger 1897 – ? (mental note – ask Ian). Known as Harriet.
  4. Deborah Leah
  5. Rebecca Rosie Teiger 1905 – 1980. Was known as Rose.

Adolph Teiger?

A possible photo of Adolph Max Teiger b.1880. The photo has Adolph Zendel written on the back and is clearly taken in America. Adolph went to America and used the surname of Taylor. Could he also have used a version of his mother’s maiden name of Sendel? Mystery number two to investigate!

Jospeh and Fay Teiger

First time I’ve seen a photo of Fay (Fanny) Kleiff, Joesph’s second wife. His first wife Annie Ison passed away in 1918 as a result of the flu epidemic.

Top left – Joseph and Fay Teiger

Top right – A friend of Hetty, Miriam (Hetty), Fay Teiger nee Kleiff

Bottom left – Now we have a photo that is a mystery but could possibly be Amelia Teiger. The lady quite clearly has Teiger features and looks very much like Joseph. If you recognise this person please let me know!

Bottom right – Fay and our mystery lady again.