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Contact made with Jonathan Tygier who is living in London and is an architect. His father was Stanislaw Tygier, one of the last family members to make it to the UK.

Jonathan confirms that his father had a sister, Irene, who escaped from the Lodz Ghetto after her husband, a doctor, was killed by the German soldiers when his resistance work was discovered.

Meet Irene:

Irene Tigier’s ID pass from 1943

With a little help from Google Translate to assist with my patchy German, some of the details are as follows:

  • Birth Date (Geburstag): 10.10.1910
  • Birth Place (Geburtsort): Piotrkow Trybunalski “According to Russian census of 1897, out of the total population of 30,800, Jews constituted 9,500 (around 31% percent).” (Wikipedia).
  • Address (Wohnort) – not yet located
  • Profession (Beruf): It appears to state something like “cook”
  • Nationality (Volkstumszugeh): Pole
  • “Creed” (Glaybensbek): Not sure
  • Prospective State (Staatsangeh) on the 01.09.39: Poland?
  • Height (Grösse)
  • Form (Gestalt): Strong, Hefty or even Robust
  • Complection (Gesicht): Hmmm lots of translated options – rich, plump, mellow……
  • Hair (Haar): Blonde
  • Eyes (Augen): Brown
  • Special Marks (Besondere Kennzeichen): None
  • Signature of the card holder (Unterschrift des Ausweisinhabers)

Krzemienica” as a place in Poland seems to have four options so I am not sure which one is correct but I assume that Irene was in one of them on 12.04.1943.

A “very frighten lady” who made it out of Poland and lived in Paris.