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1940 Census for Samuel Teiger and family

Samuel is the son of Jacob Sol Teiger who settled in Liverpool. In 1940 Samuel Issac Teeger (Teiger) was living at 3591 Bainbridge Avenue, New York with his wife, Lillian, and son Alan aged 2yrs (lines 12 to 14). Samuel, a cashier at a restaurant, seems to have been out of work and seeking employment for the past 16wks when the census was carried out on 1st April 1940. During 1939 he worked a total of 36 weeks and had a total annual income of $1200.00. Bearing in mind the rent on this apartment was $40.00 per month ($480.00 a year) it would not leave them much to live on so I would assume that times were hard for them. Lillian was shown as living in Stanford, Fairfield, Connecticut in 1935 presumably before she married Samuel in New York in 1935.